ISSR Shiloh Shepherd - Silver Maples Prince Kolohe

Born Feb 25th 2007 from the Star/Tango litter at Silver Maple Kennels. Prince Kolohe was "light-blue" puppy at the LER - he spent so much time looking at himself in the mirror we decided he needed a showy name. Kolohe means 'rascal' in Hawaiian and he is living up to that part every day! "Kola" as he is usually known has a super temperament and is very friendly with people, other dogs, cats - pretty much everyone he's ever met!

Its all about me

Its all about me
Jr CH Silver Maples Prince Kolohe - Top Puppy Dog Plush 2008

Pictures of me ....

Kola, with the occasional addition of his humans mostly as props to further prove how cute 'he' is!

Kola turns 2

Kola got to go on a nice long walk for his birthday, followed by some special treats

Mom says I look handsome, and mature ....

But I can still pull a goofy puppy face if I want too ... :)

Getting BIG

Mom says I've really filled out now ... whatever that means. I guess I'm pretty handsome - thats what everyone says ... oh yeah and I have a 'kind' face

See I think I make MC look really squibby .... cos I'm over 30" now ... I guess he is only little though - he could still grow

Time for a nap

I just love the winter ....

Love to sleep in the snow .... zzzz

Me & MC

Meet my little brother MC ........ he's OK I suppose - at least he's an ISSR Shiloh too!
He makes a good pillow....
Sometimes he's a pain

Sometimes he makes scary faces ..... like I care!

Kola - 14 mths @ NESSA Spring has Sprung