ISSR Shiloh Shepherd - Silver Maples Prince Kolohe

Born Feb 25th 2007 from the Star/Tango litter at Silver Maple Kennels. Prince Kolohe was "light-blue" puppy at the LER - he spent so much time looking at himself in the mirror we decided he needed a showy name. Kolohe means 'rascal' in Hawaiian and he is living up to that part every day! "Kola" as he is usually known has a super temperament and is very friendly with people, other dogs, cats - pretty much everyone he's ever met!

Its all about me

Its all about me
Jr CH Silver Maples Prince Kolohe - Top Puppy Dog Plush 2008

Pictures of me ....

Kola, with the occasional addition of his humans mostly as props to further prove how cute 'he' is!

Getting BIG

Mom says I've really filled out now ... whatever that means. I guess I'm pretty handsome - thats what everyone says ... oh yeah and I have a 'kind' face

See I think I make MC look really squibby .... cos I'm over 30" now ... I guess he is only little though - he could still grow

Time for a nap

I just love the winter ....

Love to sleep in the snow .... zzzz

Me & MC

Meet my little brother MC ........ he's OK I suppose - at least he's an ISSR Shiloh too!
He makes a good pillow....
Sometimes he's a pain

Sometimes he makes scary faces ..... like I care!

Kola - 14 mths @ NESSA Spring has Sprung

Dancing Shiloh .....